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Pride and Prejudice Summary and Story online read

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Author Name :- Jane Austen

Language :- English

Publisher Name :- T. Egerton, Whitehall

About Pride and Prejudice Author:-

Jane Austen who born on 16th December 1775 is an English novelist who works on loving novelist. The parents of Jane Austen are George Austen & Cassandra. She is the seventh one of their siblings: James , George , Edward , Henry Thomas , Cassandra Elizabeth, Francis William , Jane Austen ,Charles John . Jane Austen spend her child life with her family and even with out going to the educate. She finished her education through the help of her father & herself. After fetching as an grown also she sustained to live with her parents and She used to be present at the church habitually. Exactly in the year 1793 Jane Authen started her play. In November 1815 Jane Austen got a call from the librarian of London Prince’s Regent to visit their who loves Jane Austen novels and kept a copy of her novels each of his residences. In the year 1816 Jane Austen began to feel unwell and finally in Winchester on 18th July 1817 Jane Austen left the world completely

About the Pride and Prejudice Novel:-

Pride and Prejudice is the book written by Jane Austen published in 1813. This novel is on Elizabeth’s deals about manners, morality education and marriage who is the second one of five daughters who lives in London. Up-to now 20 million copies were sold worldwide.

About the Pride and Prejudice Summary and Story:-

The novel centers on the Bennet family, consisting of Mr. Bennet his wife and their five daughters. The youngest, Lydia, most like Mrs. Bennet, the eldest, Jane, is kindhearted and proper, and narrator, Elizabeth Bennet, is the second oldest and most like his father, sharing his keen wit and sarcastic vision occasionally.

The story begins with Mr. Bingley, a wealthy young bachelor, charismatic and social, passing Netherfield Park, in the neighborhood of the Bennet and his family. Mr Bingley received, while Mr Darcy his friend makes a less favorable first impression by appearing proud and condescending attending a dance (he hates dancing and not much for pure speech). Mr Bingley Jane drew special attention, and it soon becomes clear that they have formed an attachment to the other, but Jane does not modify their behavior to him, confessing his great happiness only to Lizzie. On the contrary, Darcy slights Elizabeth, who listens and laughs about it despite feeling a budding resentment.

In a visit to Caroline sister of Mr.Bringley, Jane is caught in a heavy monsoon, suffered due to cold, and is mandatory to stay at Netherfield for so many days. Elizabeth arrives to take care of her sister and thrown into frequent company with Mr Darcy, who begins to act a little less cold towards her.

Mr. Collins, a clergyman, pays a visit to the Bennets family. Mr. Bennet and Elizabeth are much smiling by his obsequious veneration of his employer, the noble Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and for his cocky character and pedantic. It soon becomes apparent that Mr Collins has come to Longbourn to choose a wife from among the Bennet sisters (cousins) and Elizabeth has been flagged. At the same time, Elizabeth starts friendship to Mr Wickham, who claims to have been very seriously mistreated by Mr Darcy, despite having been in the care of the father of Mr. Darcy. This tale, and Elizabeth’s attraction to Mr Wickham, fuels his dislike of Mr. Darcy.

At a ball at Netherfield Mr Bingley, Mr Darcy becomes aware of a general expectation that Mr Bingley and Jane will be get marry. The Bennet family having an exception on Jane and Elizabeth, make a public display of bad manners and decorum. The next morning, Mr Collins proposes marriage to Elizabeth, who refuses him, much to the distress of her mother. Mr Collins recovers quickly and is engaged to Elizabeth’s close friend Charlotte, a simple woman with few prediction. Mr. Bingley suddenly quit Netherfield and returns to London, devastating Jane and Elizabeth is convinced that Mr Darcy and Caroline Bingley have conspired to separate him from Jane.

In the spring, Elizabeth visits Charlotte and Mr Collins. Rosings Park a place regularly to where Elizabeth and her hosts are invited , home of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Darcy’s aunt, coincidentally, also Darcy comes to visit. Elizabeth meets Darcy’s cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, who responds by Darcy loyalty, using the example of how Darcy had recently entered the name of a friend, who had formed an attachment to a woman against whom “there were very few objections strong “. Elizabeth was surprised to discover that said friend was none other than Mr. Bingley, and his aversion to further harden Darcy. So it’s not in the mood to accept when Darcy arrives and, unexpectedly, confesses love for her and asks her hand in marriage. Elizabeth rebukes him, and follows a heated argument, she accuses him of destroying the happiness of her sister, with the treatment of Mr. Wickham shamefully, and have been made to it in an arrogant, ungentleman-like manner. Mr Darcy, surprised, ultimately responds with a letter giving a good account of (most) of their actions: Wickham had exchanged their legacies for a cash payment, only to return after playing out their money to restore forfeited inheritance and then tried to elope with Georgiana Darcy younger sister, thus capturing his fortune. As for Jane, Darcy said he had observed in Jane no reciprocal attention Bingley, and had understood not to be in love with him. Besides this, he cites the “impropriety” in the conduct of Mrs. Bennet and her three young daughters. Elizabeth, who had previously given up hope on these same behaviors, is forced to admit the truth of the remarks of Mr. Darcy, and begins to wonder if she has misjudged.

 Isabel tells her father that Darcy was responsible for uniting Lydia and Wickham. The way of dressing reflect the time the illustration was recorded (1830), not the time the novel was written or set.

Some months later, Elizabeth and her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner visit Pemberley, Darcy’s estate, believing they will be absent for a day. He returns unexpectedly, and although surprised, for he is gracious and welcoming. Treat Gardiners with great courtesy. Elizabeth is introduced to his sister by Darcy and Elizabeth begins to realize her attraction to him. Their reunion is short, however, the news that Lydia has run away with Wickham. Elizabeth and the Gardiners return to Longbourn, everywhere Elizabeth grieves that her relationship with Mr. Darcy renovated end result of the misfortune of his sister.

Lydia and Wickham soon finds, then married by the clergy, but visit Longbourn where Lydia lets slip that Mr. Darcy was present at her wedding but this was to be a secret. Elizabeth is able to discover, to his aunt Mrs. Gardiner, actually Mr. Darcy was responsible for finding the couple and the negotiation of their marriage, at great personal cost and monetary. Elizabeth was surprised, but can not dwell on the subject due to the return of Mr. Bingley and Jane after the proposal, who immediately accepts.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh later breaks into Longbourn, with the intention of frustrating local rumor, warns Elizabeth against marrying Mr Darcy. Elizabeth refuses their demands. Disgusted, Lady Catherine leaves and drops to inform his nephew in the abominable behavior of Elizabeth. However, this gives hope to Darcy that Elizabeth’s opinion of him may have changed. Travel to Longbourn and proposes again, and this time, their pride and their prejudices destroyed, Elizabeth accepts.

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